What is JobsDialog?
JobsDialog is India's first mobile-based recruitment solution for Small and Medium sized Enterprises.

Why should I choose JobsDialog?
Here are some reasons why you should choose JobsDialog:
With JobsDialog:
  1. Now you too can compete with large companies for top talent. JobsDialog creates a microsite and company write up for you to present your company as a great place to work.
  2. Connect with only those candidates, both suitable for the job and interested in working with you. JobsDialog saves valuable screening and interview time.
  3. Cut recruitment cycle time up to 50%. JobsDialog gives you CVs in just 10 days. You can conduct interviews in 14 days or less.
  4. Cut your recruitment cost by 50%. With mobile technology and sophisticated software in place to serve you, save your precious budgets.
  5. Connect with candidates within the desired geographic limits and accessible only through mobile phone.
  6. No more filling lengthy forms or co-ordinating with candidates. Just call JobsDialog on the toll free number 1800-108-3344 and delegate these tasks to us over the phone.
  7. Connect with our recruitment experts and allow your top executives focus on what they are meant to do.
How to use JobsDialog?
  1. Call on our toll free number-1800-108-3344 or log on to www.jobsdialog.com
  2. Provide basic details about you and your company (To our contact centre executive or filling in the registration form)
  3. Receive user id and password on your mobile and to email id
  4. Confirm registration (by clicking on a link you would receive from us or logging on to website using the user id and password)
  5. Upgrade your membership to Gold or Gold Plus (optional)
  6. Fill further details about your organisation
  7. Choose a product
  8. Provide details of the job order
  9. Make payment
Note: At every stage in the process (except 4 and 9) you can ask our contact centre executive to update the information or do it yourself online.

Where do you source candidates from?
Typically, candidates willing to work with SMEs are available only on mobile. So we have tied up with Idea Cellular to tap these candidates. From our 23 year of experience in the recruitment industry, we have gained priceless insights into alternative sourcing techniques. So our database is current and relevant and holds a variety of profiles.

How are you different from job portals?
Most of CVs available on the job portals are obsolete in terms of information provided in them or the job status of the candidates. Now, when you search these job portals with keywords, you will end with piles of CVs that are irrelevant - you will waste much time connecting with wrong candidates.

But CVs that you receive from us are double-filtered- we screen candidates first for suitability and second for keenness to join. So, you can save valuable screening and interview time.

More importantly, we offer a Candidate Pack that comes with support for end-to-end recruitment process.

How are you different from recruitment companies?
JobsDialog provides a toll-free Recruitment Centre. Now you do not have to fill lengthy forms or co-ordinate with candidates. Just delegate these tasks to us over phone and we will take care.

Why do you need detail like history, and awards and achievements of my company?
  1. To inform candidates about your company so that they take informed decision about accepting your job offer
  2. To build a microsite for your company

What is double-filter process?
We screen the candidates to ensure that they meet the qualifying criteria you laid for the job and that they are interested in working with you.

What is microsite?
Microsite is a webpage we would host in our website with information about your company. The link to this page will be shared with candidates so that they know more about your company and take informed decision about joining your company.

Why would you ask me to review my must criteria or preferred criteria?
Before we accept your job order, we run a quick database check to ensure that we have profiles that suit your requirement. In case we do not, then we request you to review and relax your qualifying criteria.

What if the candidates do not turn up for the interview?
One of the key features of JobsDialog is toll-free recruitment centre. Our centre will be co-ordinating with the candidates, to ensure that they take the interview on time.